Does it take an architect or a mind reader to build your dream home?

When it’s time to plan your new home, it’s our job to fulfill your dreams. Though our technical, creative and management skills are top notch, what many architectural firms seem to be lacking is the ability to listen. They tend to forget that this is your home. Your project. Your dream. That’s why we consider communication and good, old-fashioned listening skills so important. Whether you know exactly what you want or need to be coaxed into figuring it out, our team is expert at finding the perfect solution for you. In fact, upon completion, most of our clients are mystified at how we built exactly what they had in mind—but couldn’t necessarily communicate!

Our goal is to design a home that both looks and lives the way you want. That’s why good architecture is a collaborative process that requires lifestyle analysis. To achieve this goal, we ask the important questions: How will you use your home? What are your priorities? What is your daily routine? By analyzing your lifestyle—and understanding your tastes, we can create a home that makes your life easier and more enjoyable.

Stewart Robin is Nest Plan’s principle and lead project coordinator. Stewart has worked in the field of design and architecture for over 30 years, starting as a kitchen and bath designer. Working in both construction and architecture, Stewart has a well-rounded understanding of the rich and complex processes, components and systems of construction, while continuing to educate himself in the various fields of architecture. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Houston and is a LEED Associate Professional, which has him up-to-date on green building practices. Mr. Robin’s proudest achievement is having the first USCBC LEED Platinum Certified single family residence designed and built in Broward County. Now, he has completed many custom residential projects that meet most, if not all, of the USGBC LEED specs, including: a sustainable site, water conservation, energy conservation, indoor environmental quality, and use off green products and materials. Current projects range from single family renovations to condominium reconstruction, custom, multi-million dollar residences and boutique mid-rise condominiums. His areas of expertise include: residential, multi-family and mixed use architecture, site selection and feasibility studies, land use approval, project programming, space planning and interior design.

Gerald is Nest Plans’ Architect of Record and Qualifier. He specializes in high-end, residential architecture and interior design, focusing on projects that include hospitality, tenant improvement and multi-family homes. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois in 1986 and has been registered since 1995.

I met Stewart Robin in July 2014 when I came across a set of plans that caught my eye. The plans were of a contemporary style home, which is exactly what I was looking to build. After many meetings and discussions, my partner and I chose Stewart to work with and could not be happier. The construction of the home stayed on schedule throughout the process with very few problems. Any problems that arose, he went above and beyond to help solve and stay on course. The most appreciated aspect of Stewart's work ethic is his dedication to keeping clients updated. Whether through an email or a phone call, we always knew where the project stood, and if there was an answer he did not know, he never made up a story, but simply said, "let me find out and get back to you." We are now in our new home and are very happy. Stewart has remained in contact with us, ensuring that our new home is operating smoothly, and that we are enjoying it. We would and have highly recommended using Stewart Robin of Nest Plans, as we plan to do for our next project.

David D. Bowles
LCAM, LEED Green Associate

We enjoyed working with Stewart to design our house. He kept the process fun. His experience with designing kitchens was particularly helpful to us. He has a good eye for color and helped us sort through the myriad of options to make choices that work well for us. One of his talents which we especially appreciated was his ability to coordinate the work of the subcontractors. He represented our needs and interests very effectively.


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