From idea to ideal.

Nest Plan’s team is a licensed architecture and interior design firm. With these credentials, we are able to work with you from the beginning, helping you select your site and plan your dream home—and then build that home and provide all the decorating and finishing you desire. Throughout this process, we build a relationship that allows for continuity that streamlines the process and increases your comfort level.

Architectural Design

Nest Plans provides plans for custom residential, multi-family and mixed use projects. We design custom, single family residences that meet our clients’ every want and desire—including creating the perfect place to raise their family. We also design unique and understated mid-rise, multi-family projects and beautiful high-rise buildings. We can create a look and use that is appealing to every type of client because we dig deep to understand the way each project is used and lived in by its future residents.

Site Selection & Feasibility Studies

We have worked with dozens of developers, land buyers and homeowners, helping them research potential sites and create feasibility studies that enable them to select the best and most promising properties on which to develop or build their project. The key to these studies is to remember that each is unique, taking into consideration the developer’s, land buyer’s or homeowner’s goal and taking that information and matching it with the zoning ordinances and building codes. In addition, we can analyze proposed projects to determine feasibility and give alternatives that may not have been considered.

Land Use Approval Process

Over the past 10 years, our team of engineers and architects has worked on over three dozen projects that have successfully gone through various site plan approval processes. Fort Lauderdale Projects include: La Preserve, a 67 unit single-family PUD, Villa Medici, a 108 unit townhouse project and The Waves a 75 unit mixed-use, 21 story high-rise (not built).Wilton Manors Projects include:The Cove, a 14 unit single-family development and Wilton Lofts, a 22 unit townhouse project.

Project Planning

Each project has a basic set of requirements. Whether it is designing the perfect home or developing a site for a one-hundred townhouse project, we are able to translate this information into a program that clarifies the client's goals, while assisting the architecture, engineering and construction teams. Each project program is different and can only be achieved when all of the aspects of the client’s needs and wants are clarified and all of their issues and questions answered.

Space Planning & 3D Services

We work in both 2D and 3D programs to assist our clients in visualizing all aspects of their projects. Because architectural plans are two dimensional, it is important to be able to use three dimensional rendering to help clients visualize the exterior environment, as well as interior space planning. Exterior renderings can show how the new building can relate to neighboring projects, as well as their pedestrian impact. Interior renderings can exemplify the spatial relationships of interiors and allow the client to understand how their new environment will work, and if there are issues that must be addressed.

Building Green

Building green isn’t just a trend. It’s your commitment to doing what you can to help our planet. At Nest Plans, we support this commitment. Our team is LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and experienced at finding sustainable solutions for clients looking to build green. When designing a LEED project, we focus on: reduction of potable water waste, energy consumption optimization, improvement of indoor air quality and more. Building green may take a bit more work, but the results are certainly worthwhile.

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